IDIOTS who use the left lane for cruising!

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IDIOTS who use the left lane for cruising!

Post  Graffix Rock on Sun Sep 23, 2007 11:34 am

Ok since this is a bullshit vent board I have to vent...Im sick and tired of morons who for some reson think the left lane on a highway is for just cruising and hanging out..ITS A FUCKING PASSING LANE if your not passing someone your breaking the law, and probably pissing the guy behind you off!
what is it with Jack Asses who think well this idiot behind me is doing 70 in the fast lane Im going to go 60 just to piss him off how bout this jack ass get the fuck over and go back to drivers education because according the the OHIO, and alot of other states Laws of the road the left lane is for PASSING ONLY!
Here it is in simple english people
on a 3 lane highway
Middle Lane-Cruising Lane
Right Lane-Slow Lane,large vehicles and slow vehicles and little old ladies! this lane is for you morons who are afraid to go over 55 mph too NOT THE FUCKING PASSING LANE
the smae rules apply with 2 lanes
Left lane-ALWAYS THE PASSING LANE ( are you starting to get it?)
Right Lane-Cruising
oh yeah and another little tidbit of venting on road rules
if your merging onto a highway give it gas and merge stopping at the end of of the entrance ramp to a highway is just fucking unnacceptable get a fucking life if you cant merge stay off the highway!

OK IM DONE till the next moron I get behind who thinks the left lane is a cruising lane..

Graffix Rock

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Post  amy on Sun Sep 23, 2007 8:02 pm

hell yeah those idiots suck at life BIG TIME!!


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